Darkmoon Faire Change

From Coldheat
Hey, Coldheat here from Doomhammer US.

I've been using your guide to pursue my Insane in the Membrane achievement and I have a question.

For the Darkmoon Faire, is it possible to turn in
19x 8 [Rugged Armor Kit]s
instead of
19x 6 [Thorium Widget]?

Thorium Bar prices are through the nose here on Doomhammer, and I can get Rugged Leather about 4 gold per stack.

Thank you Sir Callahan. Your guide is amazing :)
Please get back to me if you can, the Faire is coming Aug. 3 Thanks!

A few typo's I noticed:

Section 1.3.3

"The only way to gain reputation with the Darkmoon Faire faction is to turn in level 60+ Decks at 500 reputation"

Section 2.5
"Darkmoon Decks for 350 reputation for nonhumans, and 285 for humans."

"What you want to do is college hundreds of BC herbs and mill them."
Turning in:
19x 8 [Rugged Armor Kit]
Grants the same rep as Widgets; through
2000/6000 Friendly.