German Translation

From Tim
Hi Callahan!

Thank you for your wonderful guide! I'm farming the achievement right now and I'm nearly done with it. (Darkmoon next month)

I'm writing the email because of a request... I come from germany and your guide is the best one I've found - and some guys on my server asked me for a guide - but they aren't native english speakers and had some trouble understanding yours. So my question/request is - may I use nearly 80% of your guide, translate it into german - put some selfmade youtube clips in it and publish it?! You'll be linked to your guide at the end of mine as the original author....

I simply could've made it allready - but that would trouble me and I respect your work...

Looking forward to hear from you soon

PS: Sorry for my rather poor english - hope you'll be able to understand me xD
You may, but it must be hosted on my website. I could setup or something. I spent a LOT of time writing the guide, and I would like credit where it is due. Obviously the header would be:

Insane in the Membrane
Translated by [You]
Originally By Callahan of Ysera-US