DM Librams

From Zeertkiyah
I just wanted to tell you, thank you! It's the most comprehensive guide I've found so far! I have a long way to go, but thanks to you, I can plan out each step more meticulously. XD You probably won't update it again (since you noted your account as inactive), but I did want to point out a couple of things - I'm a hunter, and I can move behind the mobs to grab the tannin basket. I just come up from the left side facing the mobs, and I haven't once aggro'd them as long as I hug the wall. The other thing was that you say libram of focus is the easiest to farm for, but since this is an insane achievement (and so people doing it must be missing at least a few marbles :D) it's probably also safe to assume they're grinding for (or have or plan to grind for) the baron mount in stratholme. I frequently solo it trying to get the mount (it still hasn't dropped) but I end up picking up the abom stitchings required for the libram of protection. Also, the libram of prot requires less mats overall (half the shards of the libram of rapidity). Maybe you could mention that in the guide?

I had one question too - in your guide you said you didn't have to kill any mobs outside the ones you killed in DM for rep to get enough librams. Did you kill a lot of them? I've run it maybe 10 or 15 times so far and have only seen one libram drop.

Again, thank you so much for the guide. It's a lot of help!

~Zeertkiyah, 80 hunter
10-15 runs per librams seems about right... I didnt have to kill any more than i absolutely had to.