From Mitzvah
Hey Callahan, :)

Great guide. Thanks so much for writing it. Caught a few errors, thought I'd let you know about them.

*In Section 2.5, you say Thorium Widgets are made by Blacksmiths. They're actually made by Engineers.

*Same section, you say: "What you want to do is college hundreds of BC herbs and mill them." I think you mean "collect," not "college."

*Same section, you say:
"The recommended way to do the quest [Thorium Widget] until it no longer yields reputation. Each turn in requires [Thorium Widget]x6 ([Thorium Bar]x3, [Runecloth]x1) totaling [Thorium Widget]x120 ([Thorium Bar]x360, [Runecloth]x12-) for nonhumans and [Thorium Widget]x114 ([Thorium Bar]x342, [Runecloth]x114). Blacksmiths can make Thorium Widgets."
Note that "12-" should be "120", and "for humans" should be added to the end of the penultimate sentence. You may also want to include that the quest to change to "More Thorium Widgets" when it stops giving rep, for people who are too lazy to count. :)

Anyway... there might be more, but I was obsessed with the Darkmoon section today. :) Thanks again for writing the guide! I look forward to using it over the next few months.

(Mitzvah, Malfuion-US)
I've made the appropriate adjustments and added the info to the changelog. Thanks again for sending me these corrections. If you need anything else, please let me know.