Ogre Tanin Comments

From megaheld
There's another way to sell Items to a vendor if you don't have a traveller's mammoth or a MALL-E.
When you enter the instance an go down the ramp there's a door on the left side. If you have the key to it (you only have to get them one time) you can follow the way straight to the room where the npc for shen'dralar reputation is. When you enter the room a vendor is on the left side (2nd char).

Another thing:
You wrote it's not possible to sneak through the Ogres at the basket. That might be true but you can loot the tannin easily (without killing anyone) by going to the left side of the mob-group until you touch the wall. From there you can loot it and you won't get aggro (at least with clvl80).