Steamwheedle... Easy mode!

From Coldheat
Hello Callahan, Coldheat from Doomhammer again!

It's been a while since I first started this /achievement/, and since then I've found a much easier way (many thanks to Bané!) to farm up my Steamwheedle Cartel reputation.

It requires approximately *_ZERO_* of those painful Dire Maul runs. Ha ha haaa.

*First:* Kill Booty Bay guards with some friends (ok, they don't have to be friends) until you are honored.
(I chose to go up to 11,999 just because the rep bar will be "full". You can also kill the "Boss" of Booty Bay to push you past honored, if you really want to.)

*Second:* Kill the Southsea pirates outside of Ratchet (to the south, I believe) Don't waste your time looting them.

Kills grant:
+2.5 Rep Gadgetzan
+2.5 Rep Everlook
+2.5 Rep Booty Bay
+5 Rep Ratchet (Maxes out at 11,999/12,000).
(Other three will continue to grant rep through full exalted)

Once Ratchet was maxed out, I moved to the Southsea pirates in Lost Rigger Cove; Southeast Tanaris. These pirates have a little bit more health (Level range in the low 40's) , so one-shotting them isn't /as /easy, while maintaining high mana levels.

Kills grant:
+2.5 Rep Everlook
+2.5 Rep Booty Bay
+2.5 Rep Ratchet
+5 Rep Gadgetzan (Maxes out at 11,999/12,000)
(Other three will continue to grant rep through full exalted)

I continued to kill these until my Ratchet reputation was maxed out. After that, I moved back to the pirates in the Barrens-- Mainly because they are level 15(ish)-- and much easier as a Mage to run around one-shotting with [Ice Lance].

I killed these until the remaining three reputations were up to 999/1000 exalted.


Total estimated time: 5 Days of farming, 8 or more hours per day. (Hey now, it was summer time :P)

And an update to my first e-mail--

Turning in:
19x 8 [Rugged Armor Kit]

Grants the same rep as Widgets; through
2000/6000 Friendly.


- Thank you again for the guide!
It helped me stay occupied during the summer! :P
Hi Coldheat,

Sorry about the slow response. It was a Friday.

I've taken some time to add your guide to my guide (giving you credit of course). Since I don't play WoW anymore, I really couldn't experiment with the rep grind and form my own guide. This is exactly what I was looking for.

I cut and pasted your email (almost word-for-word) and added a new section: 2.2.4 – Steamwheedle... Easy mode! (Submitted by Coldheat). You can find it at the link below:

If there is anything at all that you need, PLEASE let me know.If you see anymore changes that need to be made, I can go ahead and change them.

Just got an email from Coldheat, he got his title! Heres a picture: