From Lakara
Hey Callahan,

nice guide you wrote. But it is possible there are some mistakes in the formulas-section?

In 3.1.1 you state that the reputation should be divided by 125, respectively 137.5; as each Booty Bay Bruiser only gives 25 Rep, shouldn't it be divided by 25 and 27.5?

In 3.1.2 it seems you have not the right explanations for the formulas. The formulas given, the second text should be "do I need without turning in Tannin (__human__)", the third "do I need with turning in Tannin (__non-human__)".
Also, could you perhaps add a formula like "How many more Keys do I need, given the amount of Tannin I have"? It should be something like 84000 - Rep - 75*(Amount of Tannin in Bags) divided by what-ever-value-is-appropriate. 75 for non-human, 82.5 for human.



EU-Blackhand - Alliance

Thanks for pointing out these issues.

As far as section 3.1.1: Does killing a Booty Bay Bruiser yield 25 reputation or 125? I don't recall. If killing a single guard gives 25, then yes it should be 25/27.5. Get back to me on this please!

As far as section 3.1.2: Yes, you are 100% correct, I just made the change. I have lost the LaTeX code that I used when developing those images. Once you get back to me on the 3.1.1 part I can go ahead and relearn how to generate the equations and make them like the others. At that point I'll add the "How many keys with tanin" equation.

Thanks again,
Hi Callahan,

yup, I just farmed my Bloodsail Rep the other day, it's 25 Rep per Mob, as you point out even in your guide ;)