Tips and Corrections!

From Mauria
Greetings! First of wall, thanks so much for your informative guide to the Insane in the Membrane achievement. I'm beginning to believe there is no more appropriate title for someone willing to do such crazy game activities. Any help making it easier is greatly appreciated!

This is terribly nitpicky, I know, but I noticed an error, and would like to add a helpful hint for you to consider including in your Insane in the Membrane Guide, specifically in the Ravenholdt section.

The NPC WILL accept pickpocketed and even opened lockboxes, but you MUST leave something inside or the box goes away. If there are coins only, simply do not loot. If there are a few items and coins, loot the most valuable item(s), and leave the least. The gossip text even explains it's alright to open and rifle through them, but leave something inside for incentive for young rogues in training.

It's certainly not a large error, and may not even be worth correcting. Some people may be confused by having the box opening option available, and may become hostile when they loot everything and their box goes *poof*.

Now for the helpful hint: Non-rogues may not have noticed there is a poison vendor in the basement of the manor. I simply hop down and vendor the thrown weapon and run back upstairs for the next turn-in.

Thanks again for your guide and for taking the time to read my little note!


Mauria, Night Elf Rogue of LLane

Thanks a ton for this tip! I'll go ahead and add it to the site now. You should see it updated with the correct information in the next 10 minutes.