Ogre Tanin in DM

From Auvreannia
This is very finicky, but:

You say that the theoretical maximum Steamwheedle rep for a DM run is 425 (350 rep for the key, and 75 for the Ogre Tannin). However, the rewarding chest from the Free Knot! quest have a chance to contain another Ogre Tannin, which should make it theoretically possible to obtain two Ogre Tannins and a key per run, making it 500 rep per run. Wohoo! ;)

The chest you speak of also has a chance to give 2, 3, 4, etc ogre tanin. I was simply making an assumption about the likelyhood of getting a tanin. Getting more than one is rare.

Thanks for your submission though!
Oh, I've never gotten more than one, so I assumed it was binary.
I'm in class at the moment, when I get back I can go ahead and add a small note to the DM section

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