Mages doing Ravenholdt

From Robert
Hello, being a mage and loving the easy ice lance is, I chose Durnholde Keep to grind my Ravenholdt. I went from starting to begining of Honored in a few hours there, clearing the bottom, then the top in a specific pattern. Though the next day I was joined with another mage, and I must say.. the 12k rep needed to nearly hit revered went by in an hr and half. What the plan is to stick one person down in the trench, and the other up top. When both people are killing the NPCs the game forces more to load, making it a near never ending killing spree. I found that the mobs in Arathi Basin took 2-3 ice lances to down where the ones in Ravenholdt took one ice lance to down, making it more effiecient of the two locations. Awesome guide btw. :D