Frayed Abom Glitch

From Aldlich
I do not think you had in your guide that it is actually very easy, especially for invis and stealth to get frayed abomination stitchings using the box trick in strat to open the gates without killing the three mini bosses. If you are not familiar, what you do walk up to a box in the instance close enough to where an outer shell drops off, but not the inner box, and you will find that a gate disappears. do this twice to get into the abominations and two more times to waltz in and kill rivendare. This of course only works with the boxes that spawn bugs, not the material crates. Doing this I could do a baron run in 8 mins flat on my 80 mage. Easily comparable to the great tips you gave for scholo. Makes those two librams easy to use, though blood of the heroes still sucks. WOW forever. I'm only about 15% done with the Insane so far.....

Aldlich 80 Mage, Zuluhed U.S.

Sorry about the delay in response, life has been hectic for me lately. I've added your email to the list, it should be current within the next half hour. Thanks for all the info and let me know if you have anything else to add!