Darkmoon Farming

From Ahou & Tamida
Hello, and thanks for the awesome insane grinding guide.

Me and a friend recently grinded the achievment together and have some sugestions the darkmoon grind.
While it was recomended to making tbc decks, we did go for the wotlk ones.
We didn't farm any herbs or eternals ourselves instead we just bought icethorn and lichbloom on the ah and milled it. Now that the trinkets from the decks is boe you can actually hand them in and then sell the trinkets.
From our experience completing a nobles deck costed around 3k gold. The str & agi greatness trinkets sells for around 4.5k-5k, or 4k for the nobles deck if you can't afford to wait for the darkmoon to arrive. If you then consider that you can sell the trinkets from the other decks (the death card will sell best of the other ones, around 500-600g, rest not selling very good at all) then you can make a decent amount of gold from this.
Ofc prices might differ from server to server, so we would recomend you to check your ah for what the normal price is.

Ahou & Tamida Silvermoon-EU