Profession Tip

From Pi Ka Oh
Hiya. Just wanted to make a comment on professions for your guide. If it's already on there, feel free to ignore, but I've been using this method to hopeful success:
If you don't have a rogue, or have a rogue alt, as opposed to having your main be a rogue, I recommend giving them Herbalism and Enchanting. As you're leveling the rogue, you'll probably have to get a few runs to keep up your enchanting, but if you keep both of them up you can have a major producer of both shards for Shen'dralar and herbs for Darkmoon Faire. For your main, Engineering and Inscription are great, not only for MOLL-E but also Jeeves. I recommend running anywhere you can use Engineering on corpses, like H HoL, to get the formula, as Jeeves is on an hour cooldown as opposed to MOLL-E's two. So every hour of DM you can store your librams in the bank, and every two hours you can mail your librams and boe greens to your rogue alt. Just a little advice; I haven't gotten to the level to put it into practice, but already have about 8 Rogues Decks and one Swords Deck just from the leveling of my rogue, and it certainly seems feasible.
Thanks for the guide, and I hope this helps.