Shen'dralar Tips

From Zolutek

I read your guide and I think it's really good, I am atm doing the achi myself, but I haven't read any guide until now. Been doing my own research the old fashon way. However, I have some tips which you could add in your guide if you want too.

You can gain an extra 1500 rep with Shen'drelar by turning in the 3 blacksmithing books (requires 300 bs)

I manage to earn 55 pristine black diamonds under a night by doing this: I wrote an ingame msg to 200 Horde & Alliance players asking if they had diamonds for sale. The next morning I had my mailbox full of mail!! That was way more faster then farming the AH or farm then yourself, there are always some old players who have some in their banks. I picked old players, with old pvp titles or from Vanilla guilds.

Thanks for the tip on this one, I am adding it to the site as I write this. Keep 'em commin!

I do have a few comments. I left out that I did turn in Thorium Widgets for the 2000 into Friendly with Darkmoon Faire.

Stranglekelp, if you do bother to farm that is not listed on Thottbot nor Wowhead as being in the Ghostlands, but it is there. I was led there by a highlighted comment in Thottbot and it is in fact accurate. It is anywhere from a few meters from the coastline all the way to one node in the fatigue zone (if you are not a Druid I would probably steer clear from this node).

For those starting off this achievement, I highly recommend starting off with Ravenholdt first. Especially a plus if one has a rogue or the character going insane is a rogue. This Feat of Strength isn't for everyone, and for any reason one isn't ready for grind at least with Ravenholdt there is no damage to Goblin rep.

Speaking of Goblin rep, since I wanted to keep my Bloodsail at revered I did all of the quests I could that drop Bloodsail rep which includes two or three in Azshara. The only quests I cannot get easily are the OOX homing chicken quests.
When you randomly sending mail to other players asking for diamonds, be aware of that you might get "Black Diamonds" so you don't pay for these. They look very alike. Some players also forget to use the C.O.D, with luck you can get like 6 diamonds and 1200g ;)

If you wanna boost your rep with Booty bay and the other factions. There's a turn in quest ( which gives 250 rep with all the faction and -500 rep Bloodsail Buccaneers. I suggest spending some extra time when you're doing the Bloodsail title, you will save hours! I'm at +500rep revered, which means I can do this quest 25 times and still be honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers. That's an extra 6250 rep with the factions and 12500 rep with Booty Bay.
I think your guide is very detailed and helpful, but I have a few tips I would like to add, helping the farmers to save some extra time.

Shen'dralar - You can get an additional 1500 reputation if you are a BS, by turning in these three books ( Require 300 BS.

Another quest which gives 500rep:

Pristine Black Diamonds - I guess most of you are stuck here, how the you hell are you supposed to get all these diamonds when they have such a low drop chance?!

The answer is easy, just ask every player one the server, atleast one must have a diamond or two. I spent 3 hours searching for old school players and randomly sent mail to everyone I saw online. It paid off, next morning I had 55 diamonds in my mailbox, some players even forgot to use the C.O.D function and gave me gold aswell. (look after players with old pvp ranks or ask in trade after old school guilds on your server)

Booty Bay - Are you bored to run DM? Well, I am... I suggest you spend an extra hour gaining rep with Bloodsail Buccaneers and try to hit Revered, it will save you HOURS of time.

There are four turn in quest, one in every city. Booty Bay, Ratchet, Gadgetzan & Everlook.

Example: (

When you complete the quest you gain 500rep with the city where you turned in the quest and 250rep with the others, but you’ll lose 500rep with Bloodsail Buccaneers. I have around 500/21000 with the Bloodsails, making me able to turn in this quest 25 times and STILL be honored with the Bloodsail Buccaners. For example, I can get 12500 rep with Booty Bay and 6250 rep with the others.