Serkac's Insane in the Membrane Comments

From Serkac
For the most part I read over the guide, and wanted to put in my two cents. Also, I averaged about maybe 4 - 8 hours a day on this. It really varied based things (never played on weekends a lot) and that I often got sidetracked.

When it comes to farming back up Goblin reputation. I completely did it without the use of Dire Maul. Now, while that is more insane than most I had a few reasons for doing so.

First of all, I only had I think 5,000 gold into this. 2,500 on the character and 2,500 in the guild bank of the guild I formerly controlled. Secondly I like to focus on one thing at a time. Since I didn't want to go back and forth with mailing I never bothered with the leather and went with cloth. Mageweave on my realm Kil'Jaeden goes for about 20 gold a stack at the time, so selling it would generate the money I'd need for Darkmoon Faire. I was too lazy to get a scribe up to a point with epic decks as well. It also turns out I acquired two recipes of Savory Deviate Delight. Used one for myself, sold the other for 1150G. Coincidentally, the second one I found while going from 600 exalted with Everlook to 999. So a tip is to loot everything...Especially wand users that one shot and run. Estimated Time to Complete - 6 weeks. Best places to farm - Lost Rigger Cove (Tanaris) and Merchant Coast (south of Ratchet in the Barrens).

Shen'dralar - I read the guide a few times, and you know, there is one suggestion that I'm surprised no one came up with. Why not carry enough materials to turn in librams on the spot? That way if you get the same book drop in the same run it could be turned in and not be stuck with a WOLL-E and/or Argent Squire Pony cooldown. I've had a few times where I got multiple Librams of Protection in the same run so turning them in is a snap. For me, I did start out with 20 frayed abomination stitchings from my Argent Dawn rep grind which came in handy. In my view there is also little downtime for organization of alts and guild banks nor getting specific mats (while time is used to get a generic amount one could always leave and reset the instance again). My only problem is I bought most of the Pristine Black Diamonds for 100G each. Estimated Time to Complete - 2 months.

Ravenholdt - A random druid that was also farming for this used Blackrock Depth as his farming zone. That's all I really know. Never questioned about it.

Darkmoon Faire - Gosh...As a herbalist I probably did the unthinkable. Because I lacked the patience for the epic decks, I actually farmed for Rogue Decks instead. Mageroyal, Briarthorn and Swiftthistle are bad drops for the Verdant Pigment because of their item levels of 10 and 15. Bruiseweed and Stranglekelp have the best drop rates...And the best place for farming Stranglekelp is actually off the coast of the Ghostlands. In about maybe 8 hours of grinding I average about 40 decks (1000 rep). This is also a perfect faction to use the Spirit of Sharing buff from Thanksgiving so an addition 10% goes to every deck turned in. While I did turn in many epic decks for this, I stuck with Rogue Decks so I wouldn't have to worry about gold or the probabilities of the right cards and decks. While I did burn a fair amount of gold it was never to the point where I couldn't repair my gear. Also turned in Rogue Decks in Gun'Drak while waiting on people.

Serkac of Kil'Jaeden

P.S. A drunk insane (Noggenfogged) kitty is the best way to play the game as a druid. Someone mistakenly thought I was a kitty in Battle for Mount Hyjal so I stuck with it. Too bad with the 'disconnect while shrunk while swimming' glitch on mounts prevents me from using the elixirs to my potential, but I'll live.
Thanks for this extensive description of how you did this achievement. There wasnt a whole lot here that hasnt been said before in Reader's Emails, but it was compiled well and written in decent english. I'm going to be working on a "Recommended Emails" section of the Reader's Emails section. This will make the quality emails easier to find and hopefully help people out even more with this achievement.

Thanks again for taking the time to put this down in writing and feel free to email me any additional comments you may have.