Insane in the Membrane Experiences

From Manmana

Just wanted to thank you very much for the guide, yeah yeah, you are probably getting sick of hearing that by now.

Iíve played WoW for about 2 Ĺ years now, I got my sons into the game and actually met my husband a couple of weeks after I started playing. We raid (casually) together as a guild and as a family. My first 80 was a pally, and second a priest. I do love to heal (so much easier than tanking or DPS)

For the first 2 years of play I struggled to Ďfind my placeí within the game, my sons and husband love raiding, so I would raid to be with them, I thought that was what you were meant to do. Altho, I preferred just pottering around doing Ďuselessí stuff. Then Blizz brought out achievements and made me a very happy girl.

I tried getting Loremaster on my priest, but had trouble finding the missing quests, so I decided to roll a druid, and sent myself and my family crazy earning myself the Loremaster title. Desperate for something to fill in my now empty hours, I searched the internet for some less common titles I could go for. Yay I found one. Ewwww I saw what you needed and avoided it for weeks until the thought of it drove me silly. That title was all I could think about. So, armed with your guide I flew to BB and declared war on the goblins, it was the hardest part of the grind for me, I do hate PvP.

OK, I talk too much, I realise that. I just wanted to let you know that it was your guide that inspired me to take the plunge and immerse myself into insanity.

As a profession maniac (I love them, Iím constantly changing them, Iím addicted to levelling them), I just thought one thing that helped make this rep grind less painful financially for me was planning my grind around a couple of different professions. Before starting I took up enchanting and skinning. Got them up high enough to cover any drops I would get in the zones Iíd be grinding in. After my pirate rep was honoured I took myself off to DM. I read the different opinions of DM runs vs killing pirates and decided to grind DM. Enchanting and skinning were the best imo for this as you DE every drop and skin every beast. I only killed what mobs I needed for the keys, and any others that make the mistake of thinking I looked tasty. Not only did my runs get me more than enough librams to get exalted, the skins and enchanting mats I gathered earned me more than enough to buy the diamonds that DID NOT drop for me.

That done, I dropped skinning and took up herbing, took myself to Refuge Pointe and rode over to Northfold Manor and killed everything in sight, rode to Stormgarde Keep and killed everything in sight, then I would ride around the highlands zone and herb any and every herb I saw, rinse repeat. The riding in between killing in the two areas enable all the mobs to respawn in full. Using the herbs used I am making DMF cards. I have managed to make lots of cards like this at no cost to myself. I am also collecting herbs for all levels of the DMF cards, but find it more financially viable to sell the high end herbs and just use the low cards to get my rep. Also the rogue deck only take 3 cards, so easy to mix and match compared with the higher end cards, which when randomly making with inscription you get 1 of a possible 24 to mix and match.

The gold I make is then used to buy the junkboxes off my sonís rogue. Still working on the DMF and Ravenholt reps, but the end is in sight.

Now all that is left to do is find a new name that will suit the title.

Manmana 80 Druid (my main)
Thalestris 80 Priest
Thallidin 80 Paladin (bank toon)
Illeria 80 DK (well, we all have to have one of them lol)
Just added this to the site, sorry for the delay. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...