Question on Insane in the Membrane

From Rrawrzz
As you've been told many times, GREAT guide. You didn't slack in on section or another as best I can tell and I truly do appreciate you putting this information out for anyone to use free-of-charge.
I'm currently in the process of preparing for the grind, and have gotten honored with bloodsail, purchased the traveler's tundra mammoth,working on 425 engineering now, and I'm in the process of acquiring the champion seals for the bridle. My next step in preperation for the grind is to get a rogue up with incription / herbalism for the lockboxes, darkmoon cards etc.

I play Alliance on the server akama and have played alliance on Akama since I made my first toon, needless to say playing Alliance has entertained me just about as much as it possibly can, though I love Akama as a server. So, getting onto my question now, how much more painful would it make would it make the achievement if I made the rogue Horde and xferred all the cards / lockboxes to ally? Would this even be possible?

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated and I eagerly await your reply,

Rrawrzz, Akama-US
Just added this to the site, sorry for the delay. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...

Sorry about the long wait for the reply... It is possible, but you have two options:
1. After you get all your lockboxes faction transfer your rogue to alliance, though I doubt you'll be able to hold all the lockboxes you need on one character.
2. Use the neutral auction house and transfer everything manually. This will take quite a while and cost _SOME_ money, but not more an 500g or so (probably).

I would suggest just making an alliance rogue and sticking with it.