From Anerios
Just wanted to throw in my two cents, as well as thank you for the fab guide you got going here. (Bet you're tired of hearing that)

The first I heard of the Feat was when a mate of mine said its the only one in the game he wasn't going to try. Coming from him that was -epic-, seeing as how he's a total achievement whore. It was at -that- point I knew I was getting this bad boy. It's going alright. The goblins don't attack me one sight anymore. I'm getting there. Hell, there's even a guild sweepstakes as to how long it will take me to flip and go postal, or to actually do the thing.

Anyway, little piece of advice I found. When running DM, group with a friend who is an enchanter. That way, you can select the disenchant option on the loot box, and any blues you find turn into shards for the Shen'drelar. Not to mention that the mats from the greens tend to sell decently. Not a -massive- time saver, but hopefully will save some much needed cash for the dreaded DMF grind.

Thanks again! Don't give up readers! Its possible!

Anerios, Blood elf of Darkmoon Faire EU
Just added this to the site, sorry for the delay. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...