Pristine Black Diamonds

From Emeraldroots
Hello. I am Emeraldroots of Scilla =)...Alliance.
I am following your guide for the insane title. I have a rogue. I have an Inscriptionist. I have a guild bank. Etc.
I am finding Librams sometimes 2 at a time in the maybe 15 runs through DM ive done so far. Lucky I guess. Given the frequency of Librams so far, Im not worried about those. I figure if I dont have enough by the time I ding exhalted biggie....Ive got that far in itself lol...I can keep going.

I am worried about the Diamonds....stupid diamonds lol. THEY are the biggest obstacle I c.
I got one out of those runs so far. Not good. I can clear DM in about 7 minutes so Im going to work on a trash clearing route to maximize libram drops.... hitting the cap seems silly. So if I ration it out at 12-13 minutes each run I wont ever hit the cap. I ALSO have an eng so mailboxes will be available sometimes to ease the number of hearths and runs back to and from feathermoon....sigh...
Anyway. Ive read to check BOTH factions AH for diamonds. Ask friends...etc.
Is there ANYTHING else I can do to get these faster? I have a feeling that at the end this is the item that will hold me back. I have 4 or 5....2 of which I got from the AH.
ANY ideas what I can do at all? Would you like me to capitalize anything else? =)
I know they arent farmable in that you cant just pick a mob or dungeon and get them. Its largely luck. Er I feel like theres something else I should add but idk what it is.
Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read/respond to this!
And thanks a TON for writing the guide!!!!!