Heavy Junkboxes, Pickpocketing Made Easy

From FiL
So I've been farming the heavy junkboxes for a while in Tyr's hand and felt it just wasnt going fast enough so i decided to try another route......the answer.....


First: I'm doing this with 3/3 master of deception which helps a lot.
Second: I'm currently level 56 with 275 lockpicking so its doable at the level of the instance.
Third: Bloodhounds can see through stealth so AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS unfortunately this blocks you from certain areas of the instance but really you get so many it doesn't matter.
Finally: there is a vendor in the grim guzzler you can sell all your junk to and keep going until you just can't any more (DON"T PICKPOCKET HER THOUGH!!! or she will aggro as will the rest of the bar and they dont drop heavy junkboxes)

lockpick the doors and the main gate in BRD to go up into the upper city.

there are 3 "hot spots" in BRD which netted me 100's of junkboxes in a matter of hours, they are:

1. the circle above the arena the arena spectators are hostile if you don't kill the boss, just walk around in circles and pickpocket away they average 1 in 3 junkbox drops from what i noticed.
2. the room just outside this area where Pyromancer loregrain is go around the two groups to the right and up to pyromancer loregrain but watch out for the bloodhound on the left hand side.
3. coming back out and around the circle again we take a right and head down the hall through the east garrison and towards the manufactory pickpocket all the gnome technicians here they also have a high heavy junkbox drop rate
4. head straight through past the 4 fire elementals into the grim guzzler and sell everything off to the gnome vendor (Plugger Spazzring) in there buy 6 dark iron ales and give them to the dwarf to her right to open the doors if you want you can also go downstairs and smash the beer kegs to get the extra 4 minibosses to spawn to pickpocket them but its not really necessary remember DO NOT PICKPOCKET THE VENDOR!
5. head through the doors past phalanx and pickpocket everything in this room then go through ambassador flamelash's room to the next room with the war golems pickpocket all the arcanists and head back to the arena
6. repeat steps 1-5 until your bags are full or your head explodes.

you can spam this everywhere you go to pickpocket everything in sight. change the "distance to 8,000000" if you arent using glyph of pickpocket (but who would do that?!)

#showtooltip Pick Pocket
/console targetNearestDistance 10,000000
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast Pick Pocket
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...