Scholo Key

From Malezar
Hi, I was using your guide to get the Insane title and I ran into a problem:

I grinded BB for Bloodsail rep and then went to move on to the DM runs. Here's the thing though... To get Shadow Skin (for a Libram turn-in), I need to run Scholomance. To GET INTO Scholomance, I need a key. To get the key, I need to talk to a guy in Gadgetzan. Since I am as hated as can be in Gadget, I cannot do the key quest. I would have done the key quest chain *before* grinding Bloodsail rep if I had known all this. It might be a good thing to mention in the guide.

Now my only option is to grind BB rep or *DIE* near the Scholo door and rez on the other side. I'd rather not die every time I need to run Scholo.

Best Regards,
Malezar (Terenas-US)
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...