Bloodsail / Junkbox Tips

From Thierry
I would like to point out that (ever since a few patches ago) you no longer need to be honored with the bloodsail and exalted with all the goblins faction at the same time anymore. You only need to achieve honored and then complete the few quests to obtain your bloodsail admiral tittle and then you can turn in metric crap-load of cloth to fix your goblins rep all the way to neutral (even if that will destroy your bloodsail rep). Essentially you can do anything you wish to build your reputation back up to exalted. That makes the entire grind a lot less painful.

Another thing I would like to point out is Tyr's hand sucks to grind Heavy Junkbox. The mobs are moving too much, the pack are not condensed enough and, most importantly, you might not be the only one farming. I farmed in lower blackrock spire and the grind was a breeze. Each run would take me roughly 20mins and I would come out with anywhere between 25 and 50 boxes. LBRS is just fantastic for grinding these, there's a metric crap-load of trash. Any humanoids has roughly a 15% chance to give a heavy junkbox, most of them do not move at all. There's absolutely nothing that can see through stealth and you're guaranteed to be farming alone. All those reasons makes LBRS the obvious choice for anyone that has a rogue 75+ ish. I would recomend a PvP 41/5/25 rogue spec for a few reason, you run at 100% in stealth, you can use preparation to reset vanish and sprint cooldown and you icnrease your stealth as well reducing the odds of been caught pickpocketing.

Great guide, keep the good work coming.
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...