DMF Grinding Spreadsheet

From Russell
Hi, I am beginning to get my affairs in order and create my plan of attack for the Insane title. First I'd like to thank you for the awesome guide as its made my planning much easier. I haven't really begun any sort of farming yet, least of all on the (imo) most painful faction, the Darkmoon Faire. I have done a very rough analysis via spreadsheet with basic calculations which has led me to the conclusion that with perfect luck creating Greater Darkmoon cards is still the best way to grind rep; however, given the lack of perfect luck people have and the fact that primal lifes can be hard to come by either because of mote of life drop rates or because of weak server demand for them (reducing their presence on the Auction House) that OVERALL the time investment for Darkmoon Faire rep is roughly equal if you plan on doing all farming yourself. As soon as you begin buying primal life, buying outland herbs, and, depending on how cheap certain ones are on your sever, buying the cards themselves, turning in Outland decks surges back ahead. If you'd like me to clean up and resend you the spreadsheet I made (the rough copy is attached) then I'd be happy to do so.

dmf_rep_grind.xlsx - Office 2007
dmf_rep_grind.xls - Office 97-2003
dmf_rep_grind.ods - OpenDocument Format
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...