Shen'dalar Rep Question

From Patrick
ok, you get the 82 min librams but you can only get them one per run if you dont have moll-e you have to run to the nearest mail box which i'm assuming is in nijels point in desolace, which is at least a 15 min hike there are back to diremaul, where you spend yet more time farming the 80 some left librams. are you serious? or can you carry more than one libram? really need an answer quick, need to get this done before cata releases, almost certain it won't be doable at that point. great guide by the way.
If you're Alliance you can use feathermoon stronghold as it says in the guide. The other option is to have a friend meet you outside DM incase you get a libram and trade it to him. You could also level a character to the point where they can get engineering and get MOLL-E then log that character out just outside DM. If you get a libram, get on your alt, drop MOLL-E, log onto your main toon and you SHOULD be able to use MOLL-E. No guarantees on that though.

Hopefully this helps.

Cogsworth (formerly known as Callahan and Fannin)
i am thoroughly impressed at how quickly you've reponded, and yes you are right, feathermoon strong hold would be much faster than nijels point. i can't believe how difficult and time consuming this is. you said you farmed out your librams in the time it took you to gain exalted with the cartel. did you fully clear dm every time or just the mobs that were in the way? personally i can sneak by every mob in the whole instance without pulling aggro (even to get the tanin basket which you said was impossible to sneak by) so i'm trying to determine how much is necessary to get the librams. i fully cleared 5 times and quick cleared 6 and one libram dropped. :S