Insane Guide Suggestions

From Eudaemonea
I've been doing this achievement for roughly 60 days now. I'm revered with shendralar and ravenholdt, soon to be revered with DMF - still hated with goblins (and bloodsail is maxxed out honored - I like full bars)

To say this is a nutty achievement is... putting it mildly.

I've read through your guide a few times and each time I walk away thinking that this is NOT how I've been working on mine.

You can easily do Shendralar without a mailbox, bridle pony or traveler's mount =)

First, don't try to collect all the items in advance and then go turn them in. As I've been doing it, I've ran DM a few times per night off and on. I do full clears for Diamond, Librams, and shackle keys. I always try to walk in to DM with at least 3 PBD's already in my bags so that if I get Librams, I can go turn them in on the spot. If I get a second Libram of the same type, it's not a big deal because I've already turned in the first one.

I also try to bring a lowbie alt with me that can hold extras - they get experience for free, I get my items carried around. I've also found that when I have someone level appropriate, I have MUCH higher drop rates. Others may benefit from trying it out themselves. I've never seen more than 2 of the same Libram drop in any given run I've done. Maybe I'm just lucky in that respect.

Second, you indicate that it's not worth your time to kill King Gordoc. I disagree. For one, he drops an Ace of Warlords. That's one less card to craft or buy off the AH. But additionally, when you kill him then the npc's turn friendly. As you're running out, you can talk to the drunk, dancing ogre at the front to vendor all your items at that point before resetting the instance. I forget his name... sorry. He's up the ramp and to the left of the first guard you kill, dancing up against a wall.

My typical path through DM is much like you describe except that I get the ogre tannin from the basket BEFORE I free Knot and yes, you can completely walk along the wall and not aggro the ogres near the tannin basket if you're careful. I don't collect all the required tannins for one big turn in at the end, I just make suits with however many I have available for that particular run I'm doing at that time. Ogre suits then go into our guild bank for raid time fun :p

Regarding Blood of Heroes... you suggest staying max range to avoid aggroing the mobs that spawn. I highly discourage that! Those mobs are elite humanoids and I've had multiple PBD's drop from them.

Regarding Scholomance... A full clear from Rattlegore (using your method to get down to him) to the basement and back out takes me about 12-15 minutes. I don't recommend letting Rattlegore kill you either. Repair bills add up and this is an expensive achievement. Additionally, he also has a chance to drop a Skin of Shadows. Each of the rooms in the bottom have mobs inside that can give additional Skin of Shadows - and the final boss drops another DMF card that you wouldn't have to farm mats for or buy. You also avoid the instance limiter by spending the few extra minutes clearing the rooms out and a chance of finding a PBD and Gandling drops a few different epics you can either vendor or sell for some extra cash.

For any of the instances, find a buddy that's an enchanter to group with you for however long you are inside the instance so you have disenchant abilities. Enchanting mats always sell well and stack so you're better off on bag space. The buddy can be anywhere in game for you to benefit from their profession also, so they don't have to go out to wherever you are. This is a good source for Large Brilliant shards, without having to spend money on them.

You may want to consider adding some suggestions on how to network to get this done faster. I've made numerous contacts in game that are farming Baron's mount and have PBD's sent to me via C.O.D or even given to me for free. I've also developed a card trading group for those of us working on DMF rep. Posting on realm forums for uncommon inks, cards, librams, diamonds and junk boxes speeds things up as well and gets you in touch with others that are working on it.

Thanks for the great guide. Hopefully you can use some of my suggestions also =)
Hi Eudaemonea,

I'm currently doing some instances on WoW. I'm going to read this more thoroughly in a few hours and then I'll throw it up on the site, along with that addon. I'll get back to you with some more details once I read the whole thing.