DMF Rep Grinding

From Tigriss
Hi Cogsworth,

I've been slowly grinding out the insane over the last year and I've stumbled upon something that doesn't seem to be in your guide. Instead of farming outland herbs, I've found that you can buy northrend herbs, specifically icethorn, and make decks with that and the money you will spend on herb is ussually less than you'll end up making from selling the decks on the AH. It will be different depending on server economy, but on Kael'thas I find that if I pick up icethorn under 20g a stack I actually make a significant profit on selling the darkmoon cards each month. If you farm this way it leaves you more money left over to buy PBD and Librams on the AH as well as giving you money if you don't have your own rogue to farm junkboxes.

Tigriss, Kael'thas-US
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...