Heavy Junkboxes in Scholo

From Boonbackstab
Hey mate,

First of all i'm loving your guide, it's made farming this achv so much easier so far.

I'm currently farming Ravenholdt rep, i decided to do it before running DM for Steamweedle mainly because i'm doing it on a rogue and i already had a start on the Ravenholdt rep. After trying out Tyr's hand and not having a lot of luck i decided to try Scholomance.

Scholo has turned out to be great for Heavy Junkboxes and with the added bonus of Skin of Shadows from the Risen Constructs and the other bosses inside. I'm averaging about 40 junkboxes and 1 - 3 skins per run which have been taking about 35 -40 minutes. Just farming junkboxes knocks it down to about 25 minutes making roughly 100 boxes an hour.

The other bonus about Scholo is it's probably the shortest run to Ravenholdt Manor out of any of the farming locations.

Also the junkboxes can be looted from Booty Bay Bruisers so anyone grinding Bloodsail rep on a rogue should look at doing a pick pocket run before killing them.

Once again, awesome guide.


(Boonbackstab - Jubei-Thos Alliance)
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...