Swiftness of Zanza

From Christopher
Hello Cogsworth,

LOVE the guide, been using it for quite sometime now. There is something that may help fellow seekers in their quests in Dire Maul.

If you happen to run ZG for Pristine Black Diamonds also gather the Bijou's that drop. At Revered,the Zandalar Tride has a pot that you can buy for one Zandalar Honor Token that will increase your run speed by 20% for 2 HOURS , which you obtain through destroying the Bijou's at the altar or turning in coins.

The potions name is Swiftness of Zanza. It also stacks with Tuskars and other run speed increasing affects. It is a guardian Elixar so if you die by going AFK (like I have) then it will be removed. One more thing; the pot is unique so drink one then buy another.

Hope this helps the rest of the in the membrane seekers.
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...