Excellent Insane Guide and Heavy Junkbox Note

From Laksmi

I love this guide, just had a couple things I thought worth noting. Blackrock depths can be a bad place for heavy junkbox, because the large majority of drops are sturdy junkboxes (they look identical to heavy boxes). I just farmed over 90 boxes there only to find I got less then 40 heavy junkbox.

My favorite place for heavy junkbox: Scholomance! As long as you're enough of a ninja to avoid the patrols (what rogue isn't?) there's lots of stationary cultists with their backs turned and a whole room of pickpocketable neutral mobs. And they only drop heavy boxes, and for me at the same drop rate as Tyre's hand.
Thanks for the help, I just have ravenholdt to go.

Laksmi (wyrmrest accord)
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...