Some Possible Tips

From Emmiestar
Hi there! I found your guide a few months ago, and it helped me plan ahead in stocking up as much of the materials I needed before I began (saved all the brilliant shards, stitchings, and hundreds of stacks of runecloth I acquired from farming Stratholme for the Baron's mount, and since I finally knew what those "skin of shadow"s from Scholo were for, I knew not to delete them from my bank!) ... I just started my Insane journey 2 days ago and after getting Honored with the Bloodsail, I am now deep in Dire Maul, losing my mind slowly. lol. (it's amazing how many clears I can go through without seeing a key!)

Anyway, I am an engineer so I have Jeeves and MOLL-E, and I make sure to keep a stack of at least 10 Scrapbots (in case I need a fast repair/sell and Jeeves is on cooldown). Most engineers should know this part, but in case they don't, having rocket boots will give you a short speed boost every 3 minutes, and a parachute added to your cloak can help you cut corners/jump off the ledges above Knot when exiting, without taking damage. :D ~And since I mentioned speed boosts, there's also a potion that will boost your run speed by 50% for 15 seconds (Swiftness Potion). It's a low level potion that takes two low level herbs to create (we're talkin' Elwynn/Westfall level herbs), so it should be easy to make and/or cheap to buy for anyone who wishes their character would just run a little faster to the instance exit. ;)

For those who aren't eng's, don't have the pony for the Argent Squire, and can't afford a Tundra mammoth, there is one option that I don't believe I saw mentioned: if your pockets are getting full and you have a bunch of stuff to sell, it may be good to go ahead and kill the King after the Captain, and get that Ogre King buff on you. This will make the Drunk (I forgot his Ogre name, lol) friendly to you and he is (what else?) an alcohol vendor. :D He won't repair, but he'll at least buy up all your trash (and soulbound items if you are not an enchanter). I did this myself once or twice during my DM Tribute Runs, and it's been helpful in freeing up like two dozen slots, even while keeping my endless stacks of runecloth, BoE items, etc.

Thanks again for your guide! I'll continue to use it as I inch my way closer to the title, and I'll be sure to recommend it to anybody else who wants to go for it. :D Have a nice day!!
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...