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From Noms

I've read your guide numerous times and I wanted to say thanks. I'm down to my last rep (DMF, of course) with 40 epic decks left to make. Unfortunately, since Cata is so near, farming the AH is no longer an option, and therefore, for anyone interested in completing this achievement these days in the shortest amount of time possible, farming is a necessity. I started on 8/23 and I'm due to finish 10/03 (41 days).

I did the numbers out and, in short, BC and Wrath are superior to farming lvl 60 epic decks or the non-epic decks simply by virtue of have a flying mount. The amount of herbs you can farm on a land mount doesn't compare to those farmed from a flying mount (especially a 310%; I've tried). That being said, BC and Wrath epic decks both have bottlenecks: Primal and Eternal Lifes. While there is still an open market for Eternal Lifes and/or Frozen Orbs (don't forget orbs can buy lifes), the Primal Life market is long dead. Therefore, when your number of Eternal Lifes falls short compared to the number of Snowfall Inks and Inks of the Sea, you can supplement the Lifes you need via Auction House/Trade. This leaves Wrath as the only real farming option.

Since I've been farming Wrath, and I've been doing so for an obscene amount of hours at a time, I'm always pondering and calculating the amount of cards I can make with the materials in my bags. Additionally, when I do make it back to town to sit down and Mill the 10,000 herbs I happen to collect, I'm wondering how many Inks of the Sea I have to turn into Snowfalls, and how many Lifes I will need. I came up with this spreadsheet to cut the job short.

I didn't know any other way to disseminate this information, so I chose you. Feel free to edit/use this email in any way you see fit.



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Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...