More Cataclysm Questions

From Toez

I'm loving your guide and have been following it, although I don't have a rogue or the patience to really be insane and spend 5+ hours a day, so working towards it is a slow process for me.

I was wondering whether you know about any changes coming to the factions required for The Insane in Cataclysm, whether it be removed quests/mobs/items, or things added making it easier(and cheaper) to raise the reputations (ravenholdt, shen'dralar, darkmoon). Also, will you be updating your guide with these changes come Cataclysm release when any of the changes are confirmed?

A few people have been asking about this. Because I've been busy with school I haven't had time to look into this more. I'll explore the changes being made to the related factions in the next few days and start revising a Cataclysm version of the guide.