Steamwheedle + Shen'dralar Tips

From Llyneth
Hi there,

Just want to say first how much I appreciate your guide to the Insane in the Membrane achievement. I just started this grind not that long ago and it's been a lifesaver over trying to figure all this stuff out on my own!

I also have a couple of notes I'd like to add to the Shen'dralar and Steamwheedle Cartel sections. I got really sick of running DM pretty quickly, so I moved on to farming for Pristine Black Diamonds (since on my server the supply on the AH of these has been sporadic and very pricey). I was amassing gold from auctioning off the other stuff that I'd get from a Stratholme run, and discovered that prices for the three Shen'dralar Librams were highly variable, but by checking the AH fairly frequently I managed to eventually buy up the rest of the Librams that I'll need at approximately 100g each, and some for even less when somebody who clearly didn't know what they were worth would post them for 5g or so. Yes, it was a lot, but it saved me from having to run DM. Of course, that left me still with all my Steamwheedle reps to do, so I consulted the section on grinding pirates.

I definitely agree that grinding the pirates south of Ratchet is the best way to start out, but I discovered that there's another option besides just these and the pirates in Tanaris. The Venture Co. goblins in Stranglethorn Vale (near the entrance to Zul'Gurub) give similar rep for the Steamwheedle Cartel when killed, but with the "focus" on Booty Bay-- meaning that they give 2 or 3 rep each for Ratchet, Gadgetzan, and Everlook, and 5 for Booty Bay. So my plan is to finish grinding the Ratchet pirates until I hit 11999/12000 with Ratchet, then move to STV and grind Venture Co until 11999/12000 with Booty Bay, then move to Tanaris and do more pirates until 11999/12000 with Gadgetzan. At that point I suppose I'll go back to the Ratchet pirates, since there don't seem to be any equivalent mobs up in Winterspring that will give 5 rep for Everlook. But this way, rather than just doing Ratchet / Tanaris / Ratchet, I'll decrease my overall grinding time since I'll be spending more time grinding on mobs that return 5 rep for one of the factions. It's a little thing, but for the Insane grind, every little bit counts!

Monica, aka Llyneth of Bears Bones and Batman (Silvermoon, US-H)
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...