Looting Multiple Librams

From Bryan
I like so many others need to express my gratitude for this guide. I am close to getting the title thanks to you!

I also wanted to share a small tidbit that made it possible for me to loot more than one of the same libram if 2 happened to fall during a DM run. I don’t have engineering or a squire, so I used the new Remote Auction House offered by Blizzard. It allows you to post an auction on the AH right from your bags wherever you happen to be. My strategy was to simply post an auction for the libram in my bag and then immediately cancel that auction. The libram would then show up in my inbox for easy retrieval later. I was then able to loot the second libram. It does cost 3 bucks a month but for me that was a small price to pay for the solution it afforded. Incidentally, it also allowed me to auction the runecloth, greens, etc. rather than have to vendor it to clear space in my bags.

Thanks again for such a great resource J
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...