Insane Unobtainable Blue Post

From Lowsanity
Hello. I'm Lowsanity from Ursin-US and i would like to inform you of the following blue post:

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
"Insane in the Membrane" in Cataclysm
Insane in the Membrane is a feat of strength, not an achievement. Feats are things that you can't be guaranteed to complete, which is why they're feats and not achievements. Most of them are actually now impossible to complete, and this feat will join a long list of "you had to be there" moments in WoW time.

The feat isn't being removed of course, those who have it will retain it, however; some of the requirements are, so it will no longer be able to be completed by anyone who has not already done so.

It's possible that in some very specific situations where someone has completed the reputations which are being removed, but not others that will still be in the game, that it can still be completed. But it's something we're waiting for clarity on, and will let you know as soon as we do.


Also, i'd like to thank you for this awesome guide on how to become insane! :)
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...