Insane Question

From Kat

I want to start by saying your guide is awesome!!! A friend sent me the link this morning. From what we can tell, Steamwheel and Shen'dralar MIGHT be the only ones to worry about grinding before cata comes out. After that, you still get the others at whatever pace. Do you agree?

Also, of you have a Traveler Mammoth, could you possibly have more than one libram? Sell the extra to the vendor and then use the buy back tab to carry more? (as long as you are fast and don't log out/dc) Run out mount up, sell, go back in and loot? That is if you are not an ENG.

For the librams, are they drops only? For the creation with the shopping lists you mentioned, who makes them from those mats?

And doesn't killing pirates lower your rep with Bloodsail? Wouldn't that mean you can't get the title if you ruin that rep?

Krix - Eitrigg
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...