Steamwheedle & Bloodsail Requirement

From Gary
Hey, I have some information that should clear up the conflict with the Steamwheedle and Bloodsail rep argument.

Before the achievements were implemented, it was necessary to have the rep with both factions at the same time. However, because when achievements were included in the game the insane feat of strength was changed to a meta achievement, you only need to gain the reputation to achieve the achievements for each individual faction, and don't need to have them all maxed at once i.e. if you have the bloodsail admiral title and achievement, you can feel free to nuke the rep down to hated again now, as you have already fulfilled the requirement for that part of the meta achievement, and you don't lose it when you don't have that rep anymore.

The confusion has stemmed from a change in the way the game logs your reputation gains, since achievements were put in it is no longer necessary to keep the rep, as you already have proof that you had it at one point.

Hope this helps.

Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...