Ogre Vendor

From Tom
Hey there, I saw comments about killing King Gordok to make the drunk ogre a vendor. In case someone forgets to do it before resetting and has full bags, they don't have to run all the way out to Feathermoon. They can open the door by the first guard in DM North (it's to the left when you go down the ramp), and at the end of that hallway is the room with the Shen'Dralar guys. One of them is a repair guy.. Repair guys are always vendors too.

Also, I realized today that if your toon that is going for this is an enchanter, you can DE the blues from DM to get the Large Brilliant Shards you need for the Libram turn-ins. Unfortunately, they are all soulbound, so you have to be an enchanter, or else you have to buy them.


Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...