Insane Change

From Shortmann
Blizz changed their mind again. Confirmed in a Blue post, they said Shen'dralar is no longer needed for Insane in the Membrane. So the most tedious part of the achievement is being removed.

"Exalted reputation with Shen'dralar will no longer be required. As this is the only reputation that will be unobtainable in Cataclysm, we've simply decided to remove it as a requirement.

For those who already earned Exalted reputation with this faction, don't worry -- we haven't forgotten about your accomplishments. In a future patch, we'll be adding in a separate Feat of Strength to recognize your deep love of Dire Maul.

Bloodsail Buccaneer faction reputation will remain in-game. Also, to ensure that this change does not negatively affect Cataclysm quest progression in Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay Bruisers will now provide reputation up through Exalted."
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...