Steamweedle Cartel Rep

From Amyara
Hello Ysera!

Since both Ebullana and Coldheat have sent you an mail about killing priates i dont see the point to say the same thing.

However i would like to add that it´s possible to maintain an effective reputation gain of 4000 spillover (Everlook/Booty Bay/Gadget).
I was killing pirates on the mountain ledge south of Ratchet for about 2 hours on my Human Mage and managed to maintain 4400 spillover rep, so for non humans that 4000.
It is possible that a mage and an advantage tho since i just ran and spammed Ice Lance, but other classes with similar abilites may be able to maintain the same amount of reoutation gain.

Good Luck

Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...