There is Still Hope in Cata

From Tindaellyn
Hey Cogsworth,

I am writing this email post-Shattering (4.0.3a) but pre-Cata. Came across this link today which will interest many of your readers as it will breathe new life into the hopes of some people to still get this feat ...

I myself am nervously waiting for Sunday for the darkmoon faire to come out so that I can hand in all my decks which *should* be the last part of my grind. This is what I have done so far ...

1. Got all steamwheedle rep to exalted for exalted achievement (before I knew about insane)
2. Got my Bloodsail Buccaneer rep to Honored (once again reducing my steamwheedle rep)
3. Got Shen'dralar to exalted
4. Leveled a rogue from 1 to 70 to get my Ravenholdt rep to exalted, and also to make DMF cards
5. Made the required decks to get my DMF rep to exalted - yet to hand in

What I am worried about now is that I have not gotten my steamwheedle rep back up to exalted. I understood from other posts that this was not necessary to have at the same time as Bloodsail. However since patch 4.0.3a I am not sure that the "credit" from my previous grind to exalted is going to count! I'll let you know once I've handed in all my decks this weekend (final weekend before cata release).

Also, the one thing I have noted is that several of the methods previously available to grind steamwheedle rep are now gone from the game. Knot in DM no longer gives rep for the gordok ogre suit, and the "free knot" quest no longer exists. Also the pirates that used to wander Tanaris are gone. I have found one grinding spot on the new Fray Island which grants rep for 3 of the 4 factions (Booty Bay, Gadgetzan and Everlook) without decreasing your bloodsail rep, but I am yet to find a grinding method for Ratchet.

Thanks for your great guide that I've used as my bible for the past 4 months to get this crazy title!

Tindaellyn (US-Thaurissan)
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...