Changes in Shatterning

From Suria
Hay there.
Shattering brang many changes for people trying to get insane in the membrane.
Most visible is Shen'dralar reputation, removed from this feat. But it does not means it will be less difficult or less time/gold consuming to get title.
I didnt make in depth research while doing it, so maybe they are some different/easyer ways to get your achiev. If there is something like that, feel free to repair me.

Honored with Bloodsail buccaners
Luckyly i start this achiev day before shattering, reached honored with bloodsails solo farming brusers in Booty Bay.
Booty bay brusers(and guards in other goblin cityes) got updated to Cata, to lvl 85, hitting for 9k on mail, with around 160k hp. I can see this one as hard to get atm. You'll need army of people to survive and get nice honor/hour ratio.
There is nothing I can help you with this one...

Next change is in getting steamwheedle rep up.
South of Ratchet pirate camp is gone. You can still find few pirates on small island called Fray island in same location.
Reputation rate is lowest from all pirate camps now, even it was best place before shattering. Spawn times, placing arent best. Quite a lot of hordes are doing quests on that island, so they are lowering "├┐our" rep as well.
Gadgetzan (Tanaris) (lost rigger cove) is nice place till you hit friendly or so with booty bay. ... Bringing somebody to help speeds things A LOT!
About repeatable water pouches in Tanaris: I didnt find this one, place where they were spawning is cowered by water now. Maybe they moved them, but still. It isnt worth of doing it, even if they are still out there somewhere.
Booty bay is by far the best place. But you need to be patient to get there i would say. But all peaople who starts thie feat of strength is patient for sure :) Because youll need to hit some normal reputation levels with Booty bay because of quest chain you need to make. There is quest item called "Weather-beaten coin" dropping from "good boy" Bruce just outside of Booty bay. (preety boy Duncans old location). Youl be doing some quests "for" bloodsails bucc.(dont worry about rep, you wont get any), At the end of quests bloodsail buccaners will attack Booty bay harbour, where youll get quests to defend it. 1 of them(dont really remember its name now) is about jumping on pirate boat and kill 6? pirates. And thats place you wanna stay next few hours. They insta respawning after few of them are dead. Many times will happen they will respawn 3-4times from exact same place right after you kill one in there. With ratio 1150kills/hour (2875honor/hour spillover reputation with no looting at all), being zoned, so no many pvp fights happening there. But be aware. looting and trying to get your Hyacinth macaw pet will lower rep atleast by half.
Hard to say my rep/hour for steamwheedle. I wrote it on paper, but by some accident its gone now hehe. But i guess ratch 1680/hour, tana 1800+/hour (both spillover reps) as enh shammy 95percents of time in spirit wolf form(+30perc speed) going to meele range and 1shotting without even stopping for second.

Till 11 999 honored: Durnholde keep is dead for us. Syndicate mobs are gone, so no more 6k rep/hour like people were doing there it seems. I went into Arathi highlands to Stromgarde keep. But reputation is quite low for me. Lots of running, you are going to be limited in movement(castle, long deadend street,...) and to get respawns... it takes a "while". no specific rep/hour from me, but surely it will take longer than it used to be before shattering.
Lockboxes: Many of you know, that eastern and western plaguelands is lower level zone now. At tyrs hand i found lvl 42-43 mobs dropping "Sturdy lockbox"-es now. Black rock spire is going to be our new home then i guess?

Darkmoon faire:
I was w8ing till cata with this one. To actually be able to make some money hopefully. Till now there are unbelievably high prices on cards on my server(but what isnt in Europe hehe), spending 2k for all cards for WoTLK crappyest decks week before Cataclism is mad thing to do.

Sorry for my english. It is language I speak with only in wow. I hope my mail is going to be atleast little helpful to some of you in these dark times hehe. Good luck, strong nerves and dont forget to have fun.

Suria EU
Just added this to the site. Thanks again, let me know if you have anything else to add...